A Care Package and a Lesson in Thankfulness

You know what’s fun? Receiving mail (that isn’t medical bills)! Know what’s more fun than that? Receiving surprise mail! Even more fun than that? Receiving amazingly thoughtful care packages from your family!


Look at all this fun stuff! I feel a little spoiled 🙂

In case you hadn’t guessed yet, I got a wonderful gift in the mail today, from none other than my sweet sister-in-law. It was a box chock full of self-care goodies: bath bombs, face masks, coloring books and markers, a new book, some amazing socks (who even knew they made socks with mermaid-pugs on them?!), and of course, a thoughtful note telling me that she was thinking of me.


I was so surprised and humbled that someone put so much care and effort into a completely random, just-because gift for me that I burst into tears upon opening it!


When you are chronically ill, it is so easy to feel alone. We often feel misunderstood, because the healthy members of our tribe can’t possibly understand what we’re going through (and we wouldn’t want them to). We are sometimes marginalized by a society that places high value on work and productivity. We occasionally isolate ourselves in an attempt to shelter others or appear strong. It is easy to feel like no one is in your corner.


But there is such beauty in being reminded that you are not alone.


Today, I received that swift kick in the rear that I needed. I have allowed myself to believe for far too long that I’m going this alone. I’ve wallowed in self-pity and, like a moody teenage version of myself, bemoaned the fact that “I’m so misunderstood!”


Nothing could be further from the truth.


While my family and friends may not understand exactly how I feel and may not always have the right words to say to make me feel better, I know that I am surrounded by wonderful people who genuinely care about me. There are few things in life sweeter than that.


Be thankful for the people in your life who love and care for you. Don’t ever make the mistake of thinking you have no one on your side. Even if you don’t have family, friends, church community, or a support group, I’m on your side.


In conclusion, I’m sending a great big THANK YOU to those who have been with me through this all, to those who have reached out to me since reading my blog, to my Hubs (because he deals with more of me than anyone), and to my wonderful sister-in-law for the reminder that I’ve got some good people cheering me on!


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2 thoughts on “A Care Package and a Lesson in Thankfulness

  1. I love you and will always be here for you! So glad that the surprise brightened your day! There are so many people in your corner – never forget that!

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