A New Year’s Health Update

Happy 2018 friends!


I figured that the start of a new year is as good a time as any to give an update on my health. So here it goes…


It’s a tad discouraging to actually type the words, but as of December, not much had really changed since I received my diagnosis and began treating Lyme, Babesia, Bartonella, and Ehrlichia back in June. That’s not to say that I expected to be cured six months into treatment or even that I expected to be drastically better. I did, however, expect to see something happening!


I brought my concerns about my lack of progress to my LLMD at our last appointment in early December. She was receptive and understanding of my frustrations and suggested that we perhaps try something else. And that is how I found myself taking a high dose of oral Doxycycline.

My feelings about the use of antibiotics to treat Lyme and Co. are mixed. I would personally prefer to avoid them altogether for the sake of my gut health, but I also know that for many people, they are the key to remission…and for the sake of remission, I am willing to make compromises.


I am now nearing the end of my thirty-day prescription of Doxy, and while nothing has changed radically with regards to my health, I have had slightly more energy and stamina in the last two weeks compared to the previous months, which allowed me to enjoy the holidays a bit. Additionally, there were a few days that I didn’t run a fever at all, which was such a glorious reprieve!


It could have been a fluke. One of the tell-tale signs of Lyme is the fluctuation and coming-and-going of symptoms. It also could have been due to my recent uptick in detox. Fewer toxins = fewer symptoms, right? Or, the brief relief that I felt could have been due to the antibiotics. At this point, I’m choosing to simply enjoy the “good” minutes, hours, and days and not worry about what may or may not be causing them.


I’m not sure what this means for my treatment protocol in the future, and honestly, there’s no use in speculating, because my brain is so fuzzy much of the time that I can’t reason my way out of a brown paper bag—much less a complicated chronic disease! In the next few days, I will transition back to an entirely herbal protocol (plus the ever-present beta-blocker for my heart…thanks Dysautonomia), and I’m very interested to see how my body reacts! I will keep you posted!


Happy New Year to you, reader! May 2018 be a year of health and healing, grace, and growth!

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